June 23rd, 2009

12) I had a dream that my ex best friend and her best friend who hates me with a passion wanted to go partying with me. So I got dressed in this cute dress, but it kept getting shorter and shorter. No matter what I changed into, it would keep getting shorter.

11) One time I had a dream that I was spider-man. For some reason the ski resort I work at was in the center of my town but it was abandoned. There was a vampire lose in my town and I was gonna have to fight it, and I was scared shitless to. I was mad at myself for being scared because I was spider-mother-fucking-man.

June 19th, 2009

10) This guy on the swim team’s nipples were clear.

9) I lived behind a school that burned down and cannibals lived in the ruins, where they would rape you then eat you. I had a different family with four siblings. The cannibals put drugs in our food when we were asleep to make us hallucinate when we tried to escape. So we would drive on the wrong side of road and not know it. And the cannibals would disquise themselves as people I know. I ended up in an asylum and the nurse was a cannibal and gave me a shot that killed me.

It was all so detailed.
Probably one of the scariest dreams I’ve ever had.

8) I stayed at some summer camp, and in the rooms we stayed in there were 10 toilets and 1 bed. 3 Girls had to share one room.

7) I was at a pool party and kept forgetting things, so I would drive back and forth on my little motor scooter to get things. The peddles on the motor scooter kept falling off.

June 16th, 2009

6) My friend went to church with me, then steals my dad’s car and takes me to Big Bear. I can’t breathe in the mountains, so he drives me back. My dad isn’t mad that he stole his car, so we drive back up to Big Bear. We stay in this Cabin with some other friends. At night when everyone is asleep, ogres come out and make us rape each other.

5) I went camping with my parents and a mouse in the cabin started to talk to me. We went boating on some lake and I could walk on water.

4) I got my lip pierced, and it caused all my teeth to fall out.

3) I was going to be late for school so instead I ditched and went to random places. First I auditioned for a play, then headed down to Sea World. Some babies fell into Shamu’s pool, and I rescue one. Turns out the baby was one of my friend’s cousins.

2) I went parrasailing with friends, and roller-blading. (two things I’ve never done before)

1) I was hiding from bears in the mountains, so I pretended to be a robot. My blind uncle’s dog digs a really big hole to hide in but comes back up smelling like poop. So I don’t have anywhere to hide and get eaten by bears.